Discover a harmonious fusion of classic international cuisine and vibrant local flavors. Whether savoring traditional delights or relishing handcrafted beverages in a serene ambiance, Kaalamaa Restaurant offers the perfect dining retreat.

Meet Our Culinary Team: A Dynamic Blend of Talent

At Velana Beach Hotel, we take immense pride inthe artistry of our culinary team, a collective of bothmen and women who infuse passion, creativity, andexpertise into every dish they create. With diversebackgrounds and experiences, our chefs cometogether to craft a symphony of flavors that tantalizethe senses and elevate your dining journey.

From the sizzle of the grill to the delicate finesse ofpastry, our culinary team embodies a commitment toexcellence that resonates in each plate we serve.With a deep understanding of global cuisines and aprofound appreciation for local ingredients, our teamcurates a culinary adventure that celebratesauthenticity and innovation in equal measure.

Whether it’s a delectable fusion creation or a classicdish reimagined, our chefs pour their heart and soulinto every preparation, ensuring that your diningexperience at Velana Beach Hotel is nothing shortof exceptional. So come, join us, and indulge in thegastronomic delights orchestrated by our talentedmen and women who are dedicated to turning eachmeal into a masterpiece.